Formal certification of organic product is the consumer guarantee that it has been produced in line with strict national and industry standards.

This includes all operators involved in the organic value chain from the farmer to the seed or feed supplier, warehouse, transport company, processor, retailer and market or restaurant.

While some business may claim to be “organic” or to farm sustainably, third party certification such as NASAA Certified Organic, ensures consumers can be confident buying products that are genuinely organic.

In Australia, products claiming to be certified organic must be able to provide evidence to substantiate such a claim.  This may be displayed in the form of a label which details the specific identification number for that business to prove it has been audited by an official certification body.

You can search for products/business names to check for certification if they are unsure of the status of a particular food or operation.

Some products may contain more than one certification mark on the label which is increasingly seen for processed foods exported to Asian markets.


·         Always look for the NASAA Certified Organic mark on food labels

·         If in doubt, check via product search on the NASAA website