We offer you:

1.    Unparalleled experience
2.    Standard of choice
3.    Personalised service
4.    Technical expertise
5.    Market access
6.    Responsiveness
7.    Commodity focus
8.    Global outlook
9.    Cost effective
10.  Reach

1. Unparalleled experience:

NASAA has led the development of the organics industry in Australia from the beginning. Certification has been our focus since 1986.

We have been at the forefront of developing the standard and moving the sector into the mainstream market where you can now find certified organic products at every supermarket around the country.

2. Standard of choice:

The NASAA Organic and Biodynamic Standard is widely recognised as the industry leader, setting the benchmark for other standards in Australia and overseas. 

Certifying against the most respected standard—the NASAA Standard—sets your product or process apart and reflects the highest level of commitment to the principles of organic farming.

3. Personalised service:

Our highly qualified staff share your passion for the organics industry and sustainable agriculture—we want you to thrive and reach your goals whether your focus is on the domestic market or export trade. 

Our certification team is firmly committed to delivering the very best services to each operator.  We will work closely with you from the moment you start your conversion journey and will continue to support you throughout your certification with NCO. 

4. Technical expertise:

No one knows organic certification like NCO. 

We have a huge depth of talent and resources to ensure you receive the most up-to-date, comprehensive information relevant to all facets of certification.

We have the most experienced team and we are continually building on our knowledge base.

5. Market access:

NCO certification provides you with market access where, and when, it counts.
We aim to help you reach the markets you want from a local farmers’ market to multinational retail outlets. 
Informed consumers recognise our NASAA certification mark on the product label and the generic brand attributes of quality and integrity that it represents. 
NCO certification is your entrée to the markets you hope to access today and the myriad of new opportunities on the horizon as the organics industry goes from strength to strength.

6. Responsiveness:

We understand you’re busy and don’t want to be burdened by unnecessary paperwork. 
At NCO, we aim to stream line our processes and provide fast, comprehensive services that exceed your expectations. 

We’re constantly looking at ways to reduce red tape and improve our digital platforms but we will always have a friendly team member available to answer your questions over the phone or via email.

7. Commodity focus:

Our expertise ranges across a wide variety of products and processes from fruit and vegetable to commercially processed foods and cosmetics.

Commodity expertise is another way we value add to our services which can make all the difference in the certification process.

8. Global outlook:

We are truly international.

In addition to domestic accreditation under the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources, NCO was the first Australian certification body to achieve accreditation through the International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements.

NCO also holds accreditation under the US National Organic Program, the European Commission (EN 834/2007 & 889/2008), and Japanese Agricultural Standard.

We are the only Australian certifier with extensive operation overseas, certifying production and processing operations in Nepal, Papua New Guinea, Samoa, Malaysia, Brazil, Solomon Islands and Sri Lanka—comprising over 12,500 small farmers.

This international network ensures worldwide recognition for the NASAA label. 

9. Cost effective:

Our fees are competitive and fair, with a pricing structure that underpins growing certification expectations and demands, and facilitates world-wide market access for NASAA-Certified products.

We review our fees annually and seek to value add the pricing through our professional, accessible personalised service delivery.

10. Reach:

We're much bigger than you might think.

NCO-certified land under organic management now exceeds 20 million hectares or two thirds of the national total and we have over 900 licensed operators from every state and territory. 

That means we can leverage economies of scale e.g. better scheduling of regional inspections, which can mean more cost effective services for operators.