There are five certification bodies in Australia, all approved by the Commonwealth Department of Agriculture and Water Resources to certify to the National Standard for Organic & Biodynamic Production.

Each of these certification bodies has a unique certification label consisting of their logo and a certification number. This number is the certified operator’s unique identification number. All certification bodies must have all their certified operators listed on their website where an interested party can search for information on a certified operator.

Above is the NASAA Label as used by NCO operators.  If you see this label on a product with the Certification Number, you can go to the Product Search page on the NCO website, enter the Cert. No. in the box marked 'Cert. No.' and all the details of that operator will appear.

If nothing appears on the operator's number, please ring NCO on 08 8370 8455 as it either means we have missed something or the product is not certified by NCO as it claims to be.