Why convert to organic and gain certification?

You may well be on the way to organic certification by doing more of what you’re doing now—are you currently reducing or eliminating the use of synthetic chemicals on-farm, do you care about the health of your soils and welfare of your animals? Are you actively supporting biodiversity on your property? Often farmers are pleased to discover they are already meeting criteria under the NASAA Organic and Biodynamic Standard before they apply for certification. This makes conversion to certified organic much easier.

Price premiums are obviously important too as consumers will pay more for food that has been produced free from synthetic chemicals and with animal welfare central to the farming system.

Finally, investing in the best possible sustainable agricultural practices for future generations is all about responsible succession planning. The decisions you make on farm today can transform your land for decades to come.

How organic certification can enhance your operation

Certification provides consumers with peace of mind and an independent guarantee of the quality of your product—it is proof that you are meeting all of the requirements set out in internationally recognised standards for organic production and processing.

Certification may open new pathways to valuable new markets as certified organic trademarks are recognised in Australia as well as internationally.

Certification can create greater opportunities for you to sell into other organic production processes.

Certification gives you access to an ever-growing community of like-minded farmers who share your commitment to sustainable agriculture and the philosophy of organic farming systems and food production.

You can also gain new practical skills and knowledge to improve your understanding and application of organic principles which can increase productivity and reduce costs.

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