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  Locate an organic product of choice through the NASAA Product Search facility! This intuitive feature provides a listing of all current NASAA certified operators – simply search by Name, State and/or Product type.

Trading Name
Reg. No.
Product or Category
Listed Types include the range of certification programs provided by NASAA. Operators may be certified organic or certified in-conversion for any Type selected.

Operators may be certified under a variety of product categories e.g. for general grain, wheat or specifically, durum wheat production. The Product or Category selection, therefore, provides a broad search as defined by the user. It is recommended that a range of category combinations are used to interrogate the system.

*Operators who are currently applying for certification, have withdrawn, or are deferred are not listed.

Information on suspended and decertified operators can be obtained from the office or by enquiries@nasaa.com.au

Please contact JAS Liaison Officer (jas@nasaa.com.au) for information regarding JAS operators that are suspended, withdrawn or decertified.

Last updated: 24-03-15

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