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Organics Insight Spring 2016

July 2016 - DAWR Industry Advice - Contamination in the Organic Export Chain

National Organic Mark for NCO Operators

Media Release 30 June 2016: National Organic Wine of the Year 2016 Awards

Certified Organic Wine of the Year Awards 2016

Certified Organic Wine of the Year 2016

World Wide Agricultural Conference in Traralgon 20-22nd July

Neal Kinsey Advanced 1 Soils Course for farmers and consultants in Traralgon Vic July 25th-27th

Into Organics April 2016

Bingara NSW - Organic Livestock and Cropping Workshop - June 22nd 2016

NASAA Newsletter 10th April 2016 (2MB PDF)

Updated NASAA Organic Standard Feb 2016

New NCO Inputs Directory 2016

New NCO Technical Communique Feb 2016

Media Release 28-01-16: GM Ben Copeman moves on from NASAA

Media Release 09-11-15: Call for young people, women to take up organic farming

Media Release 29-10-15: Going organic to build farm and business diversity

Media Release 29-10-15: A sustainable future starts with soils

Media Release 14-10-15: Macleay Valley farmers, gardeners and green thumbs invited to an Organics for Beginners Workshop

Media Release 20-07-15: OBE Organic Grazing Best Management Practices

NCO Technical Communique July 2015

NCO Technical Communique - May 2015

Media Release: Organic Dairy Farmers Australia applauds dairy processors on GMO position

Removal of Pre-Cert Requirement

Australian of the Year Organic Advocate

NCO Technical Communique September 2014

NASAA Technical Communique May 2014

NASAA Technical Communique January 2014

NCO Technical Communique - October Edition.

NCO Technical Communique - June Edition.

NCO Technical Communique - April Edition.

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NASAA Newsletter 23rd DECEMBER 2015 (2MB PDF)

NASAA Newsletter 31-March-2015 (2MB PDF)

NASAA Newsletter January 2015

NASAA Newsletter Issue 10 October 2014

NASAA Newsletter Issue 9 August 2014

NASAA Newsletter Issue 8 March-April (734kb)

NASAA News December 2013

NASAA News: Issue 6

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NASAA News Issue 1

NASAA Newsflash 25/May/12


News Archive (See front page for current news)

NASAA Response to WA GM contamination

Organic Locust Control Information
All operators including “Deferred operators” will be required to keep records of any treatments.

If you require any further information please contact your state department, the Australian Plague Locust Commission website or NASAA Certified Organic office.

The Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service have recently announced that the voluntary use of the regulatory mark for certifying products for export is to cease.

This decision has been made on the basis that the mark is no longer being used by the majority of customers and the terminology itself in respect of the mark itself may be misleading and not specific enough to warrant its continuation. Official correspondence here.

NASAA response to "Poisoned"
Click here to view the press release.

NASAA Short listed for Choice Awards!
Click here to view the press release.

New Organic Insights! December Issue (1.15MB)
Click here to visit the publications page.

Organic is More Nutritious

Experts State that UK Organic Report Flawed

Misleading Organic Study

Further critique on misleading organic study.

Rod May's article here.

Huffington Post article here.

Thailand Agreement

NASAA and the Thai Government have agreed to work together to maintain and progress good organic trading relations between Australia and Thailand.

Read the full article here.

NASAA Receives JAS Accreditation

NASAA Certified Organic officially accredited by Japanese MAFF for New Organic JAS. 09/02/09

Organic Sales Beat World Recession

Market information from Australia, USA and Europe is showing a considerable increase in the sales of the types of organic products used to prepare meals, such as fruits, vegetables, dairy products, grains, bread and meat.

Read the full article here.

Ministerial Statement of Support for the Australian Organic Industry

You can view the specific statement details here.

Organic Agriculture Can Feed the World.

"Best practice organic agriculture can get better yields than conventional agriculture. Four recent credible studies show organic systems producing higher yields, particularly in the drier years.

For the full PDF article including details of the studies, please follow <this link>. (82kb)

NASAA Label Most Recognised.

A recent market survey in October 2008 has shown that from all logos that are used by Australian Organic Certifiers, the NASAA logo is by far the most recognized one. The survey was carried out by Newspoll Market Research and was commissioned by the Organic Federation of Australia (OFA).

July 31, 2008 New Organic standard should see new National Logo.

The National Association for Sustainable Agriculture Australia (NASAA) has called for the renewal of the national logo for organic and biodynamic produce under new management to bring a single recognisable logo denoting organic in Australia. More >>

June 26, 2007 A.C.C.C. Secures $270K Boost to the Organic Industry

The Chair of the National Association of Sustainable Agriculture (NASAA), George Devrell today
welcomed the announcement late last week that the ACCC had secured $270,000 for the organic industry, following recent court action. Funds will be used to support development of the new Australian Organic Standard and to further enhance the NASAA quality system. More >>

May 11, 2007 Become a NASAA Inspector
NASAA is holding an inspector training session in June for those wishing to play an integral part in the implementation of its routine organic compliance program across Australia and overseas. Those interested in attending the session - to be held in Ballarat, Victoria - should download the following booking form, complete the details and forward to NASAA.

April 20, 2007 Australian Standard for Organic and Biodynamic Produce Commences

The first meeting of the new Standards Australia Technical Committee will be held in Sydney on May 7 to develop the Australian Standard for Organic and Biodynamic Produce. NASAA Director, Rod May has been accepted by Standards Australia as a commitee member. More >>

November 27, 2006 New Financial Incentive for Small Organic Producers

Market premiums enjoyed by large certified organic producers will now be more readily available to small organic farmers in Australia, due to a new low-cost certification initiative announced by leading national organic certifier, NASAA, at a meeting in Adelaide today. More >>

November 6, 2006 ‘Organic’ Chicken Debacle reinforces urgent need for new independent Australian Organic Standard

Until a new independent Australian (national organic) certification standard is in place, both organic consumers and producers must learn to look carefully at labels on their certified organic products, according to George Devrell, chair of the National Association of Sustainable Agriculture Australia (NASAA).
Devrell was commenting on revelations in the Sydney Morning Herald that high priced ‘certified organic chickens’ would not achieve compliance with the industry ratified National Standard for organic produce. More >>

November 15, 2005 Opinion: NASAA views on current Australian Organic Industry Issues

Are certifiers the best-equipped organisations to promote organic produce to consumers or to regulate the Australian industry? NASAA outlines it's views on current debates. More >>

October 27, 2005 Letters to the Editor, Rural Press: Stock Journal, The Land

Following recent media reports and public debate surrounding GE Canola contamination, NASAA Chair George Devrell responds to published opinion pieces appearing in Rural Press publications.
Letter to Editor Stock Journal More >>
Letter to Editor The Land More >>
*letters published in full

October 11, 2005 No 'Alternative' - just Quality, Award winning Organic Wine

National wine judge and Oenology Lecturer Dr Sue Bastian's summation of the recent certified organic wine evaluation event - forming part of the IFOAM World Viticulture and Wine Conference - encapsulated the progression of the sector in recent years. More >>

October 11, 2005 WA 'Highly Commended' in Congress Olive Oil Challenge

Drawing on the renowned sensory talents of the judges of the Biol Italia Awards, the IFOAM Organic World Congress Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil Challenge showcased the quality of Australian product, along with some of the finest award winning oils produced in Italy. More >>

September 23, 2005 International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements (IFOAM)
Adelaide Declaration

In an open declaration announced at the conclusion of the 15th IFOAM Organic World Congress and supported by 1000 delegates from over 50 countries, IFOAM called upon governments worldwide to actively endorse and practically support organic agriculture. More >>

View the Congress website at www.ifoam2005.info

September 29, 2005 The Go Organic Festival kicks 25,000 goals! More >>

August 31, 2005 Release of Draft Cosmetic Standards More >>

July 22, 2005 Effective Government Partnership Essential for National Organic Market Integrity
More >>

April 14, 2005 NASAA Rebuts BFA Merger 'smear'
More >>

March 10, 2005 World Organic Movement Focuses on Adelaide More >>

January 1, 2005 Australian Organic Certification Market to Retain Competition More >>

January 1, 2005 Merger Proposal FAQ More >>

January 1, 2005 NASAA records strong growth in 2003-04 More >>


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