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For general enquiries, including applications for certification.

Tel: +61 8 8370 8455
Fax: +61 8 8370 8381
Email: enquiries@nasaa.com.au
Postal: PO Box 768, Stirling SA 5152
Physical: Unit 7/3 Mount Barker Road, Stirling SA 5152

Ben Copeman
General Manager
Email: ben.copeman@nasaa.com.au

Sachin Ayachit
Certification Manager
Email: sachin.ayachit@nasaa.com.au

Jan Denham

Chairman NASAA Ltd.
Email: karra@activ8.net.au

Lee Mastus
Executive Assistant
Email: lee.mastus@nasaa.com.au

Kirrilley Becker
Certification Support Officer
Email: kirrilley.becker@nasaa.com.au

Debbie Hardy

Email: deb.hardy@nasaa.com.au

Nicki Dunn
Finance Assistant
Email: nicki.dunn@nasaa.com.au

Paul Fowler
Certification Officer
Email: paul.fowler@nasaa.com.au

Luke You
Certification Officer
Email: luke.you@nasaa.com.au

Sean Galvin
Certification Officer
Email: sean.galvin@nasaa.com.au

Wambui Gikenye
Certification Officer
Email: wambui.gikenye@nasaa.com.au

Debbie Clarke
Inspections Manager
Email: debbie.clarke@nasaa.com.au

Shona Cameron
Inspections Officer
Email: shona.cameron@nasaa.com.au

Peter Hastie
Industry Liaison
Email: peter.hastie@nasaa.com.au

Haruyo Sakai
JAS Liaison
Email: haruyo.sakai@nasaa.com.au

Catherine Bird
Administration Officer
Email: catherine.bird@nasaa.com.au

IT Systems Officer
Email: tom.portas@nasaa.com.au


Feedback/Complaints Handling

We welcome your feedback in relation to any aspect of NASAA's certification service, or this website! Please direct your enquiry or complaint to enquiries@nasaa.com.au.

Appeals and complaints about any aspect of NASAA's certification system will be handled in accordance with our Appeals and Complaints Policy.


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